Totem Pole symbols and their mythological meaning

The following are general references of Totem Pole symbols. Interpretation of the symbols varies among the Native Peoples.

iRaven - The mercurial trickster of Northwest Coast Native lore. Curious and mischievious, often misbehaving but never boring.

Sea Turtle - This totem is representative of Mother Earth.

Thunderbird - A mythological bird known to manifest the rolling of thunder while beating its wings and creating lightening when blinking it's eyes.  Known to kill whales.

Eagle - Intelligent and resourceful.  He rules the sky and is able to transform himself into a human.

Wolf - Very powerful totem who can help people that are sick or in need.

Bear -  A teacher symbol as it  is believed that Bear taught the People to catch salmon and pick berries.

Frog - Known for bringing wealth and is associated with Copper Woman.  In another myth, frog was held down in fire, when it burst lava flowed and engulfed an entire village.

Otter - The otter is a mischievous creature that is also a symbol of laughter, curiosity, grace, and empathy. 

Salmon - The salmon symbolizes instinct, persistence, and determination. 

Owl - The owl is a very respected animal and is thought to symbolize the souls of the departed.  

Killer Whale - Whales are honored as strong and brave fish. The mythology of the killer whale is that is will bring food and assistance to a chief or other important person lying helpless and/or wounded. 
The Meaning of Totem Pole Symbols
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Custom totem pole represents the Eagle, Turtle and Bear symbols
Eagle, Turtle and Bear are represented on this custom totem pole
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