Gulli Totem Pole Carving | Carved Totem Poles in the second generation

The Art of Totem Pole Carving Passed From Father to Son

George Gulli, Jr. is a second generation carver. The Gulli carving tradition had its early beginnings in the stone quarries of Italy where George Gulli, Jr.'s grandfather was a stone carver.  George Sr. started carving while living in California - his medium was wood.  He and his wife moved to Montana and in 1993 George Jr. and his family also made the move to Big Sky Country where George began learning the art of totem carving from his father.  Thus the business of Gulli & Son Totem Poles was born.The senior Gulli passed away in 2000 but George Jr. continues the tradition of carving taught to him by his father.
George Jr. gives credit to his father for his many accomplishments, but his inherent talent has earned him an international reputation as a carver.  His Totem Pole carvings are found overlooking homes and businesses across the U.S. as well as in several foreign countries.

Gulli Totems are featured in many magazines, newspapers and documentaries.  Whether carving a 50 foot Totem Pole using authentic Northwest Coast designs or creating a wooden plaque for a business, George Gulli's attention to detail and intricate carvings produce art worthy of becoming an heirloom
"What's essentially important to me, as both a carver and as an appreciator of Native art, is creating genuine works of art that the tribes find as honorable representations." G. Gulli, Jr.
Gulli Totem Poles shop - A Totem Pole in progress
Gulli Totem Poles - Handcarved Totems true to traditional Northwest Coast tribal traditions
George Gulli, Sr. and George Gulli Jr.
Inside Gulli Totem Poles shop
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Gulli Totem Poles ~ 964 HWY 93 N ~ Victor, MT 59875 ~ 406-961-4853
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