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Carved Totem Poles | Pacific Northwest Coast Native American inspired art

Totem Poles offer a unique artistic statement for your home, landscape or business
George Gulli of Victor, Montana is a second generation Totem Pole carver who adheres to the style and traditions of the native inspired art of totem carving. Each totem pole is an original piece of totemic art.  There are many authentic Totem Pole symbols  to choose from for your traditional Totem Pole.

Poles are carved in the traditional Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Totem Pole style and can be designed for your landscape, as an accent piece in your home or office, or as a  house pole to welcome guests as they enter your home.  Totem Poles make an eye-catching piece for businesses. Visit the Photo Gallery for more Totem Pole pictures.
Less traditional carvings depicting a memorable event or favorite animal(s) can be special ordered. Original hand carved House Poles, Signs, Wildlife Statues,Totem Art Pieces and Whimsical Wood Carvings are also available from Gulli Totem Poles.
Thunderbird Wall Plaque
Custom Pole inside home of Green Beans Coffee Co-founder & President Jon Araghi
Thunderbird/Whale Sign
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Totem Poles and Carvings
Whale on the lower portion of a totem
Thunderbird Totem
Thunderbird Wall Plaque
Thunderbird with Whale Plaque
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The Killer Whale shown on the lower portion of the Totem Pole.  Whales are honored as strong and brave fish.
Totem Pole carver George Gulli at work on a custom pole.
Thunderbird with outstretched wings and painted in traditional colors.  It is believed that the Thunderbird can make it thunder by beating his wings.
George Gulli carving a Totem Pole
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Lurgio
custom wall totem pole
whimsical design - 3 bears and raccoon
3 Bears and Raccoon
Carving for Ace Hardware
 Florence, MT